Pensacola Florida

Project Details

May 4, 2016
Downtown Parking Management Operations Analysis, Pensacola, Florida

Project Description

Downtown Parking Management Operations Analysis, Pensacola, Florida

Phase One Services
The Pensacola Downtown Improvement Board (DIB) hired Urban Place Consulting Group to
perform a parking management analysis for the downtown Pensacola parking system. Andy
Miller served as the project manager for the consulting assignment. The project included a
review of both on-street and off-street municipal parking facilities and operations. The need for
this parking analysis was identified by the DIB Board of Directors out of a desire to enhance the
overall downtown parking experience for users and visitors. This awareness of the need to
address parking in a more comprehensive and proactive manner was due in large part to negative
perceptions about the downtown parking experience as demonstrated through numerous
customer and community surveys that are regularly conducted by the DIB. Read More …

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